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All of our inspectors are trained professionals, who are certified by Inspection Training Associates, in accordance with the nationally recognized standards of practices as established by the American Society of Home Inspectors
(ASHI) and the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA)

Our staff is also fully insured so that you can be assured of the highest integrity and quality services.

Disclosure, it’s the law!
Since 1998, legislation has provided for a professional code of conduct whereby each transaction for the sale or transfer of property has required full disclosure of existing defects, those facts both known or unknown.  Simply put, it is the responsibility of each Seller, Agent, and Buyer to uncover and disclose the condition of the property at the time of the sale, and it is primarily the home inspection that examines and records this information in a complete and comprehensive report.

Power in Knowledge!
Having all the facts allows each party to bargain from a position of strength.  This means that obtaining as much information, as early as possible, allows each person within the transaction to have a fair and equal voice.  What is the condition of the major components such as the roof, the furnace, or the electrical outlets?  Are these components in good working order, and are they safe for use?  A home inspection provides an accurate and objective assessment of all visible components of the property, many of which may be difficult to access or just out of sight from everyday viewing.

Peace of Mind!
Purchasing property is one of the largest single transactions of a lifetime, so making an informed decision is critical to securing a feeling of satisfaction.  Obtaining a through home inspection allows each person the assurance and confidence that they have gathered all the necessary information available.

Brett Kayzar

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